Date: Saturday 11 May 2013

Time: 11:00am

Place: Moose Lodge #1560

Joy Maples:

I met the most wonderful man yesterday Strohs Usmvmc.. He has been doing a fundraiser for Regen and he came to see me and as we talked, I learned his daughter is a Brain Cancer SURVIVOR. They live here in Sevier County and she has done everything the doctors told her she would not.

First- She beat the Cancer. It took a long time, but she is 5 years in Remission.

Second: She regained her mobility. That took a few years, BUT SHE DID IT!

Third, She grew up, got married and became pregnant. All of which, they told her would never happen.

I cried as he shared this story & I needed to hear it, we met at each other at exactly the right time. I have been praying for encouragement & God sent this man and his family’s story straight to me.

Mr. Stroh’s it was my great honor to meet you & I appreciate you more than you know. I went straight to Regen’s house and shared your story with Tishia and Dan & they were comforted as well. You were an answered prayer:)

Come out and support Regen by participating in the Poker Run on Saturday, May 11th at 11am.  First bike out at 11am, last bike in at 5pm.  Start and end at the Moose Lodge #1560.  6903 Mundal Rd, Knoxville, TN.  After party will be held at the Moose Lodge.

$20 per bike and $10 for additional riders.  Proceeds to benefit Rootin For Regen and Operation Stand down.